13141 National Road  (U.S. Route 40) Etna, Ohio 43068     

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Sell Your Scrap, Sell Your Junk Car:

We Pay More for Junk Cars!
Automobiles, trucks, buses, tractors and trailers.  Bring it in!  You'll not receive a better deal from any other metal recycling company.  


Requirements for customers selling cars:
- Must have a valid photo ID
  (i.e. Driver's license, State Issued or Military ID)

  • - You must have a Title to the car being sold.  
    - It must be signed over to the person that is selling the car.

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals - Industrial and Demolition Scrap

Ferrous Scrap:

- Auto, Truck and Bus bodies
- Motor blocks - Transmissions
- Appliances - Yard Equipment
- Cast iron
- Sheet steel
Industrial Scrap: Demolition Scrap:  
- Turnings - Plate & Structural steel  
- Cast iron borings - Rebar  
- Rail and OTM - #1 & #2 heavy steel  
- Steel clips and bushings    

Non-Ferrous Scrap:
- Copper Wire and Tubing #1
- Copper Wire and Tubing #2
- Sheet and bar copper
- Copper bearing scrap
- Scrap lead
- Lead wheel weights
- Printers lead
- Batteries
Aluminum: Brass: Stainless Steel:
- Aluminum wheels - Yellow and Red Brass  - Stainless alloys
- Aluminum wire - Brass alloys - 304, 316 and 400 Stainless
- Aluminum extrusions   - Stainless turnings
- Aluminum siding Zinc and Zinc Alloys: - Nickel and nickel bearing scrap
- Sheet Aluminum - Tin and sheet tin  

Car Grabber Crane

Business Hours

8 AM to 5 PM - Monday thru Friday Closed Saturday and Sunday

News & Update

News at Ohio Steel Recycling LLC.
On January 1. 2018 The Company was acquired and is under new ownership.
On 14th July 2014 A new industry and EPA compliant auto dismanteling facility was placed into operation.